Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Eviction Defense

Contact The Law Office of Luiza Patrikyan if you have received  an eviction notice and/or have been served with an eviction lawsuit. Timing is key and it is very important to contact an eviction defense attorney as soon as you get the eviction notice and/or when you are served with an eviction lawsuit. Tenants have rights, an attorney can help protect those rights.


Some of the services we provide are:


  • Settlement/Negotiating with Landlord-- An attorney can help negotiate a favorable settlement with your landlord.

  • For example:

    • More time to move out

    • Sealing the Record

    • Waiving Past Due Rent

    • Relocation costs


  • Fighting the Eviction Lawsuit—There are numerous defenses a tenant can raise in an eviction suit. Call to discuss your case.


Landlord-Tenant Pricing Options:

  1.  - $75.00 for 30 minute consultation

  2.  - Full scope representation from $1,200.00 (flat fee, not including filing fee).


Some Flat Fee Services Include:

  • $175.00-- Preparing Termination Notice for Landlords (3 day, 30 day, or 60 day)

  • $350.00-- Preparing Tenant's Answer to Summons and Complaint (No Court Appearance)

  • $450.00-- Appearing at hearing (half day)

  • $600.00-- Motion to Set Aside Default







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