Sale or Purchase of Goods

Transactions involving the sale or purchase of goods and services-- If you feel you have been defrauded by a company, call to discuss your claim with the attorney.

Pre-litigation disputes involving the sale or purchase of goods and services Luiza Patrikyan charges her hourly fee of $220.00 an hour or 40% contingency fee, the lesser of the two amounts. Flat fee arrangement may be available, please call for more information.


Debt Collection Harassment

Attorneys can help end harassing phone calls from debt collectors. Luiza Patrikyan will analyze your financial situation and, depending on your individual situation, either, negotiate a favorable settlement with your creditor or begin bankruptcy proceedings. She assists with cases involving: collector abuse, defending against creditor lawsuit, vacating a default judgment, bank account levies, and wage garnishments.



Life altering events happen to everyone. When you find yourself in more debt that you can afford and face financial insolvency, Bankruptcy may be the solution. Many people are reluctant to file for Bankruptcy, however, typically, the benefits outweigh the burdens.

Some of the benefits of Bankruptcy include:

  • a fresh start, you can start building credit  soon after getting a Bankruptcy discharge

  • end harassing phone calls from debt collectors

  • save your home

  • avoid getting sued by debt collectors


Contact Luiza Patrikyan to determine if Bankruptcy is the right option for you.


Small Claims Court Appeals

Luiza Patrikyan represents clients in Small Claims Court Appeals for a flat fee starting from $450.00.






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