At the Law Office of Luiza Patrikyan, clients can expect great results at an even greater value. Luiza Patrikyan, Esq. charges $220.00 an hour. This is far less than many other attorneys in the area. She also offers flat fee legal services (not available for all legal issues).


Luiza Patrikyan believes it is extremely important to have an attorney who will protect your legal rights, and she charges a low hourly rate so that people who need an attorney can afford one.


Each case is unique because the facts and parties involved in each case are unique. Thus, it is difficult to predict the amount of time and work a particular case will require.




For Family law, Landlord-Tenant, and Consumer issues Luiza Patrikyan offers a 30 minute consultation for $75.00. The initial consultation will help answer any questions you may have and offer advice as to what needs to be done.


*Free Personal Injury case consultations.



Full Scope Representation:

Luiza Patrikyan charges $220.00 an hour and requires an initial retainer of $2,200.00, this gives the client 10 hours of attorney time. 



Limited Scope Representation:

If you cannot afford full scope representation, Luiza Patrikyan also offers limited scope representation.


Limited scope representation is a way an attorney can assist you with specific limited tasks while you handle the rest of your case. Essentially, you handle your case except for a few technical areas, where the attorney can help you. You can hire an attorney to assist with specific things such as legal advice, document preparation or document review, and/or limited court appearances.


Limited scope representation does not work for all legal matters. It is useful in situations where the client is able to handle most of the tasks involved on their own and need an attorney for some limited task.


The client and attorney can always change scope and add more tasks for the attorney to assist with.


Please call to discuss if limited scope representation is right for you. Hourly and flat fee arrangements are available for limited scope representation.



Assisting Self Represented Clients:

Luiza Patrikyan also assists self represented (pro per) clients with drafting and preparing court forms and other documents, without making a court appearance.  This type of legal assistance is also considered limited scope representation. Hourly and flat fee arrangements are available for this type of work.







Fee Arrangements



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